Let me start by saying that I believe you have free will.  Through our consultations I can share with you options that may not yet be on your conscious radar.  I can also reaffirm your own choices and intuition.  Ultimately the path you choose is yours alone, however I believe the greater insight and information you have available to you, the better the outcome in support of your goals.  I am a resource for you to facilitate your growth and navigate change.  

Each consultation is unique and tailored to your specific circumstances and life events.  There is no need to share any background information with me in advance of our consultation.

We will start with a brief grounding meditation session that will then lead you to focus in on your areas of interest.  Some clients are very specific with their questions and others more expansive, but in general topics for consideration fall into the following key areas:  career, family, relationships, health, and spiritual growth.  A helpful framework is to ask open questions vs. yes/no questions.  You may wish to follow a format of “If I choose or pursue X, what is the likely outcome?” or “Can you comment on XYZ situation”.

During your consultation I will connect with you through our shared resonant energy, like a tuning fork, and information will flow from our higher selves and spirit guides.  I often use tarot cards as a jumping off point to ‘channel’ information from my guides and yours about what is coming up in your future, and about where the life choices you are making in the present will lead you.  During the consultation feel free to ask questions.