Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Consultations with Devin.
Q: What can I expect from a Consultation?
A: Each Consultation is unique and tailored to you and your circumstances.  There is no need to share any information with me in advance of your consultation.  We will start with a simple meditation that will then lead you to focus in on your areas of interest.  Some clients are very specific with their questions and others more expansive, but in general topics for consideration fall into the following key areas:  career, family, relationships, health, and spiritual growth.  A helpful framework is to ask open questions vs. yes/no questions.  You may wish to following a format of “If I choose, pursue X, what is the likely outcome?” or “Can you comment on XYZ”.
Q: What’s the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?
A: Not all Psychics have Mediumship ability.  A Psychic reads the current trajectory of what lies ahead and can also comment on the past. A Medium uses their ability to link, as a conduit to give information and provide evidence of a loved one who has passed.
Q: How do I prepare for a Consultation?
A: Find a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted during your Consultation.  Turn off any distracting electronic devices.  This is time set aside for you.  Think about questions you may have or life events you wish you receive greater clarity on.  You may wish to prepare some questions and have them in front of you during our time together.  In the case of a mediumship consultation think on those who have passed with whom you would like to connect but know that there are no guarantees that these specific people will come through in spirit.  
Q: Can I have someone join me for my Consultation? 
A: Your Consultation is a private session specifically for you.  Please do not have someone sit in on your confidential session or share the same room / space with you during our time together.   If someone would like a Consultation they are welcome to book a Consultation separately. You may record your session or take notes if you would like to share it with someone afterward.
Q: Do I contact Devin at my appointment time? 
A: Yes. Once you have selected the date, time, and paid for your Consultation there will be a confirmation email sent to you with full instructions on how to contact Devin at your appointment time.  Devin will be waiting at your appointment time for you to contact him.
Q: Is the information the same if I see you in person or talk to you on the phone?
A: Yes. The information will be the same whether you are in front of Devin in person or on the phone. Once the connection is made between the two of you the information flows.   
Q: Do you record the Consultation?
A: Consultations are not recorded but you are welcome to do so with your phone or tape recorder. Or you can write notes while you are listening.
Q: What is the Cancellation Policy?
A: I have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  If you need to cancel and reschedule for another time we will do so based upon the first available mutually agreeable day and time between our schedules. If you are no longer interested in the Consultation I will refund your payment in full provided you notify me 48 hours prior to the original scheduled date and time.