With so many people offering similar services, I am always cautious of who is the real deal. The fact that Devin is clairvoyant and clairaudient was a big deciding factor for me. Because anyone can learn to use a deck of cards. But him having both was a big deciding factor for me. I enjoyed every single minute of it but when he said a very specific thing about my fiancé, I knew that he was in fact clairvoyant and was in tune with the right energy. It was so specific that there was no way he could just guess that. Pleasant, calm and to the point. Detailed and helpful.
— Sara Murphy
Devin is incredibly straightforward, logical and no-nonsense about the entire process. He made it very clear what I might expect. I especially like the way in which Devin combines his use of the Tarot as a tool with his own spiritual work, and his particular gift for clarity. I would describe Devin’s work as bridging a difficult gap between life/career coaching and that very necessary spiritual element that is often missing in so many decisions that we make in life.
— Dara Hellman
Devin did a great reading for me! Those who know me understand it’s not an easy read. He hit so many situations right on. Thank You again Devin!
— Lisa Jones Garcia
My recent session with Devin was amazing. He was able to do an accurate health scan which detected old injuries from childhood to young adulthood and also current issues. His reading provided me with insights on how to transform my life and become the healthy individual that I wish to be. Thank you Devin!
— Theresa Sampson
Devin gave me a great, quick Tarot reading at the psychic fair. Confirmed everything I’d been talking about with my guides. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.
— Liza Jane Wolf